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„Thanks to the SER DMS, our performance has improved markedly and we are very quick to respond to both our customers and our suppliers!”

Ingo Köster of IT application management at Westfalen AG
Westfalen Group
企业概况 Westfalen Group
主题 Archiving, document management (DMS) and automated inbound invoice processing.
行业 Energy provider
员工总数 1345
营业额 1.9 billion (2013)
企业所在地 Münster
一体化 SAP, Intrexx portal
项目空间 International
Best practice video

The "Westfalen Way to Win": success with energy and ECM

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Initial situation

The creation of a central point where invoices were received had resulted in the paper invoices being sent all over the place, since they had to be approved at the distributed sites of the Westfalen group. To speed up the approval process and avoid travel times for the post, the digitised invoices were to be kept centrally in accordance with the law and made available for auditing.

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