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„The process visualization allows for
more transparent document control.
The system guarantees efficient and
process-secure document

Falk Decker, head of data processing, Neways Electronics
Neways Electronics Riesa GmbH & Co. KG
企业概况 Neways Electronics Riesa GmbH & Co. KG
主题 Workflow-based management of production documents with eRecords
行业 Electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
员工总数 Approx. 750
营业额 127 million euros (2015)
企业所在地 Riesa, Saxony, Germany
一体化 Tool for change management
项目空间 Germany


Starting point

Neways Electronics Riesa GmbH & Co. KG, Germany has made a name for itself in the production of electronic components. The EMS firm produces according to customer specifications and adjusts the
production process to the changing requirements of the customer. These changes have to be integrated
into the production documents as quickly as possible and passed on to the employees in production.
Without IT support, the modified documents had to be hand sorted into the corresponding production
record and placed in the filing cabinet. By copying the building instructions, the quality diminished, thus
making it harder for workers in production to understand them. They had to ask questions during
production planning.With Doxis4, the electronic production record is filled with all documents relevant to production according to theworkflowand then released for production.

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