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„With Doxis4, we have been able to optimise our processes, which has had a positive impact on human resources and the quality of our service.”

Helmut Glas, Head of the IT department
Logo: Ärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Büdingen
企业概况 Ärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Büdingen
主题 Archiving, document management (DMS), eRecords, workflow, electronic workbaskets and Office integration.
行业 Health services
员工总数 Around 500
营业额 Approx. €16 million (fee income approx. 400 million)
企业所在地 Büdingen
一体化 PVS-specific (German private medical clearing house) applications (KID, OPD), Microsoft Office
项目空间 Germany


Initial situation

8500 practitioners put their trust in the almost 90 years of experience offered by the Ärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Büdingen clearing house (PVS) with respect to the settlement of their private invoices. In 2008, PVS was faced with the decision to acquire a new electronic archive, as the existing system was not scalable and was no longer being developed sufficiently. The transfer of existing data represented a particular challenge as far as migration to a new system was concerned. The reason for this was that the data had been stored in various ways and in different data formats in the old system.

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