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„The electronic construction record system allows comprehensive information on the progress of construction to be obtained quickly and is decisive in helping to speed up processes.”

Jörg Borgstädt, IT department at Stadtwerke Bielefeld
Stadtwerke Bielefeld
企业概况Stadtwerke Bielefeld
主题Electronic construction records.
行业Energy and water supply
营业额740 million
一体化SAP PM (maintenance), FelixX (invoice processing)
项目空间Administration at Stadtwerke Bielefeld


Initial situation

The handling of construction work at Stadtwerke Bielefeld is a complex process involving many different people and a high volume of documents. From the problem report (or also customer or maintenance orders), via the creation of an order in SAP to execution and invoice processing, a large number of documents are involved for which there is no uniform, structured means of storage in the departments involved. As the basis for uniform, structured document storage, constant access and the desired process improvements, it was decided to introduce an electronic construction records system that would be closely integrated with SAP PM (for maintenance) and FelixX (for invoice processing).

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