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Research project "Natural Language Search" successfully completed

SER and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

(06.03.2018 - Vienna/Berlin) SER Solutions Österreich GmbH and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology have announced the successful completion of a joint research project, "Natural Language Search with Doxis4". The research results and the functional prototype were handed over to SER Solutions Österreich. The next step is to integrate the language features into the Doxis4 software.

The SER Group has been exploring the topics of cognitive functions, machine learning and artificial intelligence for some time now. The analysts at Gartner and Forrester consider the enterprise content management (ECM) software Doxis4 to be one of the most innovative products in the market. SER is positioned in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Content Services as a "Visionary".

From idea to implementation

The research groups of AIT and SER dealt with the question of if and how natural language interaction would be possible with an enterprise content management system that manages documents, metadata, records, tasks and processes. Working together over a five-month period, the team developed a prototype that recognizes and processes the intentions of the speaker. The goal was to make it possible for the user to interact with Doxis4 without needing to look at the screen. Some questions the user could pose would be: How high is the net amount of the inbound invoices that are currently being verified? Which new tasks are in my workbasket? Did the project manager already revise the project plan? A second module enables the Doxis4 clients to be controlled via speech commands such as "Show the first document" or "Go forward ten pages".

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies of neural networks, acoustic speech models and artificial intelligence, language recognition has made great advances in the last couple years. AIT tested the implementation of various technologies for language recognition and assessed their suitability. Furthermore, AIT developed a special analytics model that investigated the input in natural language to recognize the user's intended meaning.

SER's development team has taken up the results of the research group, headed by Dr. Sven Schlarb (scientist at AIT) and Markus D. Hartbauer (Solutions Architect of SER), and is now evaluating the integration of natural language search queries into Doxis4 applications.



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About AIT

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria's largest research and technology organization. AIT provides research and technological developments to realize basic innovations for the next generation of infrastructure technologies. The AIT Center for Digital Safety & Security focuses on key technology areas of information and communication technologies (ICT), such as cyber security, data science and artificial intelligence. This expertise in IT technology ensures the competitiveness of domestic products on the global market through Austrian know-how. Further information: www.ait.ac.at/dss

关于 SER 集团

SER 是欧洲最大的提供关于信息物流的企业内容管理完整解决方案的软件制造商*。拥有超过550的员工,在15公司,在22其遍布世界各地的驻地,SER 在当地为客户提供个人咨询、照管以及实施和维护。另外,SER 拥有一个经验丰富的合作伙伴网络。全球共有超过2.000推荐企业 — 其中 DAX 30 指数企业的一半 — 以及超过一百万用户是 SER 的客户。

多35年以来,SER 为各行各业的企业开发“德国制造”的软件。完全以服务为导向的 Doxis4 iECM-Suite 是一座技术的里程碑,为每种企业内容管理方案提供灵活的可能性。提供的解决方案包括电子存档和文档管理、电子档案和工作流程、自动到达邮件处理和电子邮件存档。

* SER 作为欧洲最大的 ECM 开发商 (根据销售额、毛收入、业务成果和员工总数——按照相应的被发布的资产负债表)